At Kerr Labor, LLC we are an expert in pumpology.  We can professionally cover every aspect of your job, from start to finish.  We can build and design jobs based off of the requirements.  We offer mechanical services to maintain and repair water sewer bypass pumps, labor services for set-up and tear-down, and professional in-depth pump watch services.  We provide professional, reliable services that you can count on.  At Kerr Labor, LLC every job, no matter how small, is treated with priority and professionalism. We have our own fleet of water sewer bypass pumps with the latest technology to help control costs.  We offer in depth professional pump watch services with 24-hour camera surveillance as well as in person watch 7 days a week.  Our technicians perform hourly pump and job site checks with a checklist system.  We have the right people for your job, from certified fusion technicians to a national company on standby for emergency needs.  Each job gets a personal connection with the owner until the job is completed.  Kevin Kerr, the owner, will personally start and oversee every job until the job is professionally finished.  We are completely insured from equipment to liability.