We offer professional pump watch services. We also offer emergency response. We have professionals capable of handling problems 24 hours a day, 7 days a week if needed. We are always on time and never leave the site. Our pump watch includes 24/7 camera surveillance, in-person surveillance, and an hourly job site and pump check with a checklist system.


At Kerr Labor we have 15 years' experience with building, repair, and maintaining water sewer bypass pumps. We offer our own fleet of water sewer bypass pumps with the latest technology allowing us the ability to control costs.


We have professional laborers for set-up and tear-down of your job site. We offer labor services for any construction job. We can have reliable laborers when and where you need them to get the job done right.


We have 15 years' experience with pipe fusion. We offer fusion using the latest technology fusion machines and certified technicians for precision and expert pipe fusion.